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Nadia Greutert - Newest Team Member of SustainNow

I am excited to announce that Nadia Greutert is joining my Non-Profit Podcast as my assistant / workstudent. She will help me to get interesting podcast interview partners and to edit and broadcast all episodes.

Here is a short introduction:

Hi everyone, my name is Nadia Greutert and I am a Geography graduate from UCL. Growing up in cities my whole life, I was exposed to how urban environments tried to cope and innovate with pressing environmental issues. Through this, I began to cultivate a passion for sustainability with a particular focus on its environmental aspect. At university I got to explore this passion further, understanding the concept from different lenses and gaining insights into the different stakeholders involved. I believe that one of the hardest challenges moving forward is the mindset shift needed to keep up with the rate at which our planet is changing. Through joining SustainNow, I am able to contribute to the mindset transition, by helping inform others on the exciting opportunities in the realm of climate-tech, but also potentially spark more care for our climate crisis.

Oftentimes, climate-related news can be quite demoralising, that is why I think it’s important to speak about sustainability in an encouraging way. SustainNow captures the possibilities and appreciates current efforts being made, in a way that allows people to learn simultaneously. This position allows me to work on projects that deepen my passions and open my eyes further to the world of climate-tech. There is so much more to learn about our climate, which I am excited to explore with Sustainnow.



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