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Katie Paltzat - Newest Team Member of SustainNow

Updated: May 31, 2023

I am excited to announce that Katie Paltzat is joining my Non-Profit Podcast as my assistant /work student. She will help me to get interesting podcast interview partners and to edit and broadcast all episodes.

Here is a short introduction:

Hello! My name is Katie Paltzat and I am a Masters of Global Health student at the University of Geneva. I am originally from Calgary, Canada and I’ve spent my whole life exploring and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Growing up in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains sparked my passion for sustainability and environmental conservation, and this passion has continued to grow to this day.

During my time studying biomedical health sciences I have seen the many ways that environmental damage and human health are interlinked, as well as the ways in which changes in sustainability behaviors can make a measurable and lasting impact on well-being! I developed a keen understanding of the complexities in sustainability, and the many stakeholders required to improve the current standing of environmental challenges.

While climate news can often be disheartening, there are so many brilliant innovations being developed in sustainability and climate tech. The true challenge is opening our mindset and shifting our attitude to collectively embrace these efforts. I joined the SustainNow team because I want to help showcase the hard-work and passion being dedicated towards solving climate issues, and offer others a form of hope and inspiration in the face of climate change. Through my time working on this podcast I hope to inform others about the exciting new advancements in climate tech, to spark conversations about innovation and sustainability solutions, and to inspire each listener to actively seek out positive action in environmental well-being.

I believe that if we work together, we can and will make a lasting difference in climate and environmental health!



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