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19: Does Europe have a water problem? Interview with Hydraloop Co-Founder, Sabine Stuiver

Updated: May 30, 2023

Sabine Stuiver is the CMO and co-founder of Hydraloop, a company who's mission is to empower people and organizations to save water and energy, whilst retaining comfort of living.

Sabine Stuiver

Awarded the European Union's TOP 50 Award for 'Female Entrepreneur with a Sustainable Innovation' in 2020, she is also a member of the Policy Advisory Committee at Water Europe in Brussels. More recently, Sabine was included in the Meaningful Business MB100 2022 list, recognized as 'A leader combining profit and purpose to help achieve the UN Global Goals' and is a member of WomeninTech and a Faculty Member at the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS) in Rome.

This episode is packed with facts and aha moments about water scarcity and our water usage in general. You will learn about why Europe is already facing a water crisis, why water will get more expensive, and why we currently do not recycle drinking water efficiently.

You can listen here to this episode:

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About Hydraloop:

  • Hydraloop was founded in 2016, by Arthur Valkieser and Sabine Stuiver and has since been awarded multiple innovation awards and featured in the media such as Netflix' "Brave Blue World"

  • Product offering: Decentralized water recycling system, that collects and cleans lightly contaminated water for reuse. Their product has the ability to reduce up to 45% tap and waste water, simulataneously reducing carbon footprint.

  • Ambition: Go from innovation leader to global market leader

How Hydraloop's technology Works:

(Source: Hydraloop)

In this episode we are addressing the following questions:

  • Can you please introduce yourself and explain your journey, which led you to found Hydralopp 1:52

  • What have been your bigger motivators to start that [Hydraloop] 4:10

  • Do we have a water issue in Netherlands/Europe 7:03

  • What needs to be changed from a more holistic perspective, on policies/awareness etc., so that people are becoming more aware of these issues? 11:22

  • The question is, is it [discussions on water] going to come up in the next COP as part of the discussion in thinking about climate change? 18:39

  • What kind of solutions are they. If you're thinking about the top 3 suggestions for governments, what would they be? 22:57

  • It would be great if you can explain what kind of products you offer? 28:12

  • Did I understand your consumer market correct? 35:24

  • If I understood it correctly, so your target group is not so much re-fitting, but rather new constructions/new buildings? 40:35

  • What are your two/three pillars of scale you want to focus on to make it a global product? 41:55

  • Are there already competitors? What is your USP to others on the market? 44:36

  • What is your maintenance timeline? 46:25

  • Let's say I am a homeowner and would like to install that, what is my payback period, if I am saving so much water? 48:22

  • What has been your personal biggest learning in this journey? 51:39

  • How can people contact you if they would like to know more about the product/company? 53:28

Memorable quotes from the episode by Sabine:

“I think in general, the whole value of water, the real and true value of water needs to be seen and we need to also pay for it.”

“For a long time, we’ve looked at things in a linear way. We produce it, we use it and we throw it away and now the same with water. We cannot sustain that system.”

“One of the biggest obstacles at the moment to change from a linear water system to a circular water system, most of it is the standards and the laws that are old and lagging behind… and it’s the people in place that are not really motivated to kind of change these laws and legislations.”

“What is happening in the world is, everyone is re-inventing the wheel. Over and over again, but we don’t have time because with water it’s quite urgent what’s happening and we don’t need to. So let’s look at all these laws and standards that are blocking them, let’s update them, upgrade them and as I saw borrow them from another country and maybe give them a tiny tweak so it’s perfect for our country.”

“How we do it [Hydraloop's product] is without filters, without membranes and without chemicals. And we are the only ones who do it that way.”

“When you bring something innovative to the market, there is so much resistance and you have to persevere.”



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