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Newest Member of the SustainNow Team

I am excited to announce that Anastasia Kosinskaya is joining my Non-Profit Podcast as my assistant / workstudent. She will help me to get interesting podcast interview partners and to edit and broadcast all episodes.

Here is a short introduction:

My name is Anastasia Kosinskaya, and I am a hospitality student in Lausanne majoring in sustainable practices in the industry. I have become passionate about sustainability after witnessing the severe environmental impact of the hotel and restaurant business, which I wish to change. I want to educate the industry on the importance of prioritizing modern sustainable practices, over the traditional hotelier mindset that has been unchanged for a long time. I also have a passion for media production. I studied film and audio editing in high school, as well as music production as a hobby throughout my life. I am very happy that my current position allows me to combine my two interests. I joined SustainNow to help inform more people about their impact on the environment and inform companies about new climate-tech solutions they could be investing in for their business. I believe there currently aren’t enough sources of this information for people to educate themselves with, so I was happy to discover the multi-platform engagement of Sustainnow I look forward to learning a lot more about sustainability and the new research conducted in the field from all the fantastic upcoming guest speakers on the podcast!



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